Processor Design

8404121 Processor Design

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Live meetings are on Thursdays 14-16 in TB206. See for more information


  • Exercise1.pdf Tasks 1-3 recommended on week 38
  • Exercise2.pdf Task 4 recommended on week 39, task 5 recommended on week 40
  • Exercise3.pdf Task 6 recommended on week 40
  • Exercise4.pdf Task 7 recommended on week 41
  • Tasks 8-10 recommended on week 42
  • Tasks 11-13 recommended on week 44
  • Tasks 14-15 recommended on weeks 41-44
  • Tasks 16-18 recommended on week 45
  • Tasks 19-20 recommended on week 46

Lecture material

Here are the lecture videos in SureStream. Requires RealPlayer and preferrably fast connection to TUT-network. Also availabe are lecture notes in pdf.

If the slides will not come with the video, open them separately in the RealPlayer below the video! You need to hand-wind them then, sorry!

Here is some hard material to read:

  • Vincent P. Heuring and Harry F. Jordan: Computer Systems Design and Architecrure (chapters 1-9), Addison-Wesley, 1997.
  • Michael J. Flynn: Computer Architecture; Pipelined and Parallel Processor Design (chapters 1-2, 4, 7, and some parts of 10), Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 1995.
  • Possible other literature (to be announced in the lectures)

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